Work together!Friends Campaign

The points detailed above will be updated every morning, at 12pm (JST). * No updates will be made on Japanese public holidays.


How to Earn Points


-STEP.1- You earn points every time you start up Digimon Links and participate in quests!

- STEP.2 -Gather points and collect Agumon's friends!The more of Agumon's friends you collect,the more in-game prizes you receive!Level 1 30,000,000 pts 50x DigiStones, and 40x ver. 1 Plugins Level 2 70,000,000 pts 50x DigiStones, and 40x ver. 2 Plugins Level 3 111,111,111 pts 100x DigiStones, 30x ver. 3 Plugins, and 30x ver. 4 Plugins

-STEP.3- How to Collect Points / Points Amounts Points will be added when players around the world clear the conditions below.* This excludes points from Japanese players.1 The number of people logging in per day will be converted directly into points.E.g.: If 50000 people log in in a day, 50000 pts will be added.2 Earn points based on the amount of stamina used after clearing a quest.

Social Media Campaign Announcement

All players will receive an in-game item if the total likes and comments on the relevant posts across English, Trad. Chinese, and Korean official social media pages reach 1,000 during the campaign! Check out our official social media for more info! * Social media for English and Trad. Chinese is Facebook, Korean is Naver Café.* Only comments will be counted for Naver Café. Period: October 5th, 2018(JST) - October 19th, 2018(JST)


1st Anniversary Events

1st Anniversary Login Bonus Get 100 DigiStones by logging in for a total of 12 days!Plus, You'll also receive Digivolution Fuel! Period: October 5th 05:00, 2018 (JST) - October 19th 04:59, 2018 (JST)

1st Anniversary Voucher Use vouchers to get Digimon and items!Get Omegamon!* Log in during the event to receive one voucher daily.* The number of vouchers you need will differ per Digimon and item.* Vouchers can also be exchanged after the event has closed.Period: October 8th 16:00, 2018 (JST) - October 15th 15:59, 2018 (JST)

1st Anniversary Mega Capture The 10-Digimon Capture is half price once daily!Plus,get 1 Mega in 10-Digimon Captures during the promotion Period: October 5th 05:00, 2018 (JST) - October 19th 04:59, 2018 (JST)

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Friends Campaign Prize Distribution
Rewards will be sent to your Present Box after the campaign closes.
* Rewards will be awarded for every part you have progressed through so far.
Social Media Campaign Prize Distribution
Check our official social media for campaign progress updates.
Other Notes
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This campaign may change or end without prior notice.
Users are responsible for data and other usage charges that may apply.
Please contact us via the URL below.
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